Morgan and Moonie

@taface412 (3176)
United States
May 10, 2011 7:30am CST
I have two indoor cats. The way i got them was kinda sneaky. I only wanted one last year when a friend told me her cat had a little black kitten in her littter. But when I went to get the kitten she told me I had to have two. lol Well I am glad she did because the second one is the sweetest thing I have ever met in my life and she follows me around like I am here fearless leader. Their names are Morgan (the black cat) and Moonie (the little sweet thing). And I noticed even though they are from the same litter they are completely different. The only thing they have in common in both love to sit in the windows when the weather is nice and I open them. Do you have cats and what is the one thing you love to watch them do?
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@GreenMoo (11842)
10 May 11
I´ve got two little kittens coming in about 4 weeks, and they are black too :-)
@Bernard9 (56)
10 May 11
I have two cats, Merlin and Molly. Merlin is as soft as a brush. Molly is a rescue cat and is a little more worldly wise! In on sense they are like chalk and cheese in another they are both very the same and very intilligent. Well I would not describe them as cats, they think they are human and deserve exactly the same rights. Woe betide you if they think you are not doing what they want. They will turn their backs to you, you know you have been snubbed. Molly espescially will start being boistrous. They do not get into mischief though, not in the normal is hard to describe. These cats know how to behave, when someone is looking anyway. it is a different matter. They are a joy. If you ever want something special or different get a Ragdoll bread. They are relatively expensive as a bread but be warned these cats are different. You cannot tell them off, they do make themselves heared. They can seem to be naughty but they are very intelligent and you have to treat them like little children. They will learn what you want with very little effort but if you are not aware of their intelligence then they will respond according to how you treat them. Basically they are offended very easilly. They respond to kind treatment do not ever push them around they get offended very easily. If you do not understand cats or do not have the time for them then do not buy one. They want their attention there and then and that is most of the time.
@dawnald (84146)
• Shingle Springs, California
10 May 11
It's better when they have a friend to be with anyway. I have four cats. tiger likes to do "tummy ups", Oreo and KitKat get crazy and chase all over the house, and Jason likes playing with sock rolls and the water faucet.
@ladygator (3469)
• United States
10 May 11
As I posted earlier, my cats love to play in the snow. This is so entertaining to me. They just dash, hop and skimp all over the fresh snow getting their little paws burried its the cutest thing ever!! And then again when the fall hits, they chase leaves. Then when they curl up in a little ball and fall asleep. Mine are also very active with strings of yarn and little light beams. They can run and jump to try to catch it, they just go crazy!
@dandozy (17)
10 May 11
My little old lady was always an odd cat, she lived with my parents and refused to go out at all or be picked up or stroked. One day she went out and refused to come back in, they ended up feeding her in the garden shed and putting fluffy beds in there for her etc. When we moved to our new home it had lots of land and a large heated outbuilding so I caught her and took her with me so at least she would be warm and cosy. She would live happily in the outbuilding and curl up infront of the fire there but refused to venture further into the house. we ended up moving sofas in there to encourage her to be with us. Last year at 16 years of age she decided she was coming in at last and followed my son to his room, there she stays and now sleeps on his bed with him, she will enjoy a good cuddle now and even jumps onto our knees, funny little cat she is! I love it late at night as I check on my son on my way to bed to see them both fast asleep in bed :O)