Why are we still in Afghanistan and what is our mission?

United States
@Taskr36 (13874)
May 10, 2011 9:47pm CST
I think it was quite clear that the entire purpose of going to Afghanistan was to attack al Quaeda and kill bin Laden. Since that didn't happen for so long Bush started this stupid nation building crap after getting the Taliban out of power. You can't really build a nation out of a craphole like Afghanistan, but that's beside the point. We accomplished the mission. We killed bin Laden, and smacked down al Quaeda. It's time to bring our brave men and women home. The Taliban isn't our enemy. The only reason we fought them was that they were sheltering and protecting bin Laden. They've never attacked us outside of Afghanistan. Don't get me wrong, they're scumbags who treat women like animals and won't even let them learn to read. Since the people of Afghanistan never overthrew them though, it's clear that such an ideology was popular and won't change just because we installed a new, and weak, government. So why are we there? What is there left to do? What's the mission? Are we just so used to being at war that we don't know what to do after we win? After all, we've already seen Obama break his promise about bringing our troops home from Iraq. That was supposed to happen 16 months after he was elected. 16 months passed over a year ago and we still have troops there as well.