LOKERZ - Scam for non-americans!

@samaire (154)
United States
May 11, 2011 5:16am CST
HI Last week i won 390 000pts in Lockerz and bought PS3. With those points it was for free. But then i receive e-mail where they said that i violated their rules and they won't send me the PS3!!!!! They didn't said what rules Just said Sorry. But you can start all over again!!! Ok if i violated any rule why they didn't told me before? They acted like a SCAM! They took my money when i wanted more to win more points and everything was fine but now when they have to "pay" me i violated the rules!!!!! The interesting thing is that i am not the only one! I can understand that other people can violated the rules but why are they all from non-americans? The Americans get their stuff each time but almost each person from the rest of the world is cheating????? Interesting! Do you have the same experience?
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@owlwings (39617)
• Cambridge, England
11 May 11
Have you actually read the Rules? ... ALL of them? If not, you need to do so now! http://lockerz.zendesk.com/entries/515604-terms-of-service AND http://blog.lockerz.com/?page_id=7334 Only then can you legitimately contact Lockerz to ask what rule was violated. Because you AGREED to be bound by the Terms and Conditions when you signed up, you CANNOT claim that they are a scam without specific evidence. They have NO obligation to tell you how you have violated the rules but you have EVERY obligation to know them and to make sure that you have abided by them. See Redemption Rules #8: "8. Lockerz, in its sole discretion and at any time, will make any and all determinations regarding violations, penalties, and all other matters affecting this redemption."
@samaire (154)
• United States
17 May 11
Are you one of them? That was not redemption!!!!! I know the rules. They use "the rules" whatever they want!!!! If i violated the rules they had to tell me sooner! Before i spend almost an year in this site! It's interesting how i violated the rules when i had enough points to have ps3 for free!!!!! It's scam! If they were normal site they will tell me what i have done but they hide behind "the rules"!!!! scam!!!
• United States
13 May 11
It's a scam for Americans also. They always send those emails when someone tries to get a PS3. I used to be on Lockerz and wasted my time on that site for nothing. I don't use Lockerz anymore.
@lutphie (143)
• Indonesia
11 May 11
I have banned for many times because my ip address detected as a chinese ip, anyway i am from indonesia.