what is the most thing you dont want your boyfriend or husband to do?

May 11, 2011 9:35am CST
Ok guys, the question is stated in my subject..so, what is that thing that you scared of? In my case, I have a boyfriend..He is my first boyfriend and i want him to be the last man who will stay with me as a husband through my whole life. I feel really happy when im with him. He is full of plans in life, we even have our plans on what are we going to do after we finish our degree. He told me he trust me and i trust him too. but sometimes i cant help thinking of the possibility that a time will come that his feelings will be gone. Im afraid that he will break his promises and leave me. I dont want him to leave me and break those promises and plans we have for us. Thats the most thing i dont want him to do..,
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@barehugs (8986)
• Canada
16 May 11
If you love him, let him go-if hes yours he will come back to you! This is an old saying that is very true. Your fears will do the opposite, and send him away, never to come back. Always be optimistic and look on the happy side. The most important thing for you is to realize that the world is yours for the taking, but only if you are optimistic and look at the bright side.
• Philippines
20 May 11
Thank you, i guess i just cant help thinking that he might find someone who is better than me..I'll take that as an advice..thanks again.