Can I possibly change my username in myLot? How?

@masang (295)
May 13, 2011 10:59am CST
There are discussions that I posted which are not known to others especially the very personal issues. Many knew my username because it's also my nick name. Can I possibly change it? Please help
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@owlwings (40054)
• Cambridge, England
13 May 11
The only way of changing your username is to close your account and then to open another.
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@mysdianait (64474)
• Italy
13 May 11
Previous responses have answered your question but may I add that even if you cancel your account your activity will remain. It does not diappear when/if you cancel.
@ramshz (21)
• Spain
13 May 11
I dont think so, you can try to contact them tho: You can do the most quick thing, delete you account and make another one, but with your (115) maybe its kinda difficult for you to delete it right? Because you will start over win none of your earnings.
• India
13 May 11
As per my knowledge we can not change the username.