What's good about flirting?

May 15, 2011 7:51am CST
Can someone tell me what's good about flirting?
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@owlwings (39760)
• Cambridge, England
15 May 11
Flirting is "practising". It's seeing (usually in a lighthearted or fun way) just how far you can go with someone and can tell you quite a lot about their likes, dislikes and their possible reactions to certain topics which one cannot usually discuss seriously until later in the relationship. Flirting is really a game and though some people use it as a game in which they score points it should really not be a 'point scoring' game at all but one which you (and, preferably, both people) play for enjoyment, fun and some education.
• Philippines
27 May 11
I think it's ok to flirt if you are single and not committed with someone.
@andy77e (5165)
• United States
30 Jun 11
I would say that flirting is the act of pretending you are interested in someone, when you are not. In essence, flirting is an attempt to deceive someone. I personally, can find no logical way in which deceiving someone is a good thing. My view is, if you should only act interested in someone, if you really are, and there is a good way to engage in a relationship. So if you are acting interested in a married man, or a married woman (assuming the target is not your spouse... which of course is fine ) Then you should not do it. Flirting should be avoided.
@Amanda81587 (3046)
• United States
26 Jun 11
I believe it is the feeling that people get when some one may be interested in them. It is almost like a compliment!
@hnaboro (113)
• Uganda
15 May 11
To me nothing good, If you like somebody tell them off rather than create impressions.