Average Earnings on myLot

South Africa
May 15, 2011 12:03pm CST
Hey! as you can see i just started using myLot and so far have enjoyed it, i was just wondering about the payments... is it worth it? do you make money off it? im just being curious :) what are your average earnings per-month? (from MyLot) i know to some of you this may be private so you dont have to give actual numbers if you dont want to :) Thanx
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@owlwings (39777)
• Cambridge, England
15 May 11
Many people here manage to make at least the $10 minimum a month. Personally, I find that I manage to reach rather more than the payment threshold about once every couple of months. The more descriptive and relevant you can be, the better. It takes longer, of course, to give a good response to a discussion but I have found it really good practice in honing my writing skills and, in addition, I find that the time I spend here is more worthwhile. The more you forget about 'earning' and value your time in learning to discuss and write and, generally, increase your knowledge and interest, the better you will find it. MyLot, by the way, has a 100% record of paying on time, every time.
• South Africa
15 May 11
oh! well thanks :) you completely answered my question, and i'll take all your advice Hoping to be able to spend more time on this though, got a life out there lol :P