Why do we as a country allow our leaders to take out stupid loans in our names?

@sharone74 (4839)
United States
May 15, 2011 12:59pm CST
Individuals no matter how much money we make or what tax bracket we fall in, we cannot spend money that we don't have. Not everyone has or can get credit either because of their history of irresponsible behavior with credit, or because they simply do not make enough to interest the credit card companies, because there is not enough surpluss income for their percentage of that surpluss to amount to anything. If a person has a job but no credit these days it can be difficult to finda job as employers now want to check your credit history, you can't rent property without someone else wanting to check your credit history, and you can't get a mortgage without a good credit score based on responsible repayment of credit obligations. With the amount of money ($3.4 trillion) that the US government takes in via taxes there isn't a bank in the world that wouldn't loan them money against an annual income like that. We have a deficit or shortfall between what we have and what we owe because of the massive amounts of interest that we pay on all of our borrowing. What I want to know is why is it if the budget for govermental spending does not even come close to totalling just that income (it doesn't) whya are we borrowing so much money and at such unfavorable rates. With such a credit to debt ratio any sensible bank should have cut us off a long time ago. Every borrower has a credit limit over which they cannot borrow or be allowed to continue to spend. We understand and accept that as individuals. Why should our government not be held to the same standard. If we don't spend our yearly income on all of the things that government pays for, why do we need to borrow the money at all?
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