High paying tasks anyone?

United States
May 17, 2011 6:55pm CST
I used to earn a considerable amount on here due to high paying tasks that would pay out $4-5 a piece. I haven't seen any of these posted for a while, so anyone know where I can find writing jobs like these online??
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• Calgary, Alberta
18 May 11
Sharon has been missing in action for months and I miss her because I make a lot of money from her. she is the real money maker of my-lot. She have tasks though that is just impossible to do. For 8 dollars you will write an uber long article for just 5 hours and the things you should research is about 28. But she have lots of easy to do tasks that is fun to do and pays a lot.
• Canada
19 May 11
Actually, SharonBucks has been around and posting tasks but they are running about $2.50 per article lately. There was one I saw just yesterday about Playstation racing games, I think it was. There are definitely not a lot of those tasks being posted though and it's so easy to miss them :( I remember when we had pages and pages to choose from. Like you, I too made a lot of money from them. GoAskAlice started a discussion in one of the MyLot.com interests, asking for users feedback on the tasks section. If you haven't participated in that discussion yet, you might like to offer your feedback about what you are looking for in tasks
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• Calgary, Alberta
20 May 11
I'm not seeing any sharon t ask anymore but maybe I am not online when she is around, plus we know there are limited slots on her tasks.
@misterMR (797)
• Philippines
18 May 11
If you have a blog (using your own domain, no .blogspot or .tumblr), you can earn with it using Microworkers. The higher your PR rank of your blog, you can earn more in Microworkers because most of the jobs there are writing articles in the blog. There are a lot of tasks which are above $4. Check it out at my blog if you like in my profile. There are a lot of websites that offer that high paying tasks too. Triond perhaps or eHow. The internet is too broad nowadays.