Why study is important in our life

May 18, 2011 11:24am CST
My friends I know you are literate or well educated but do you know in our country in most of the villages no colleges or school are there. But they live happily without this. Friends share your opinion or your experience, study is very important only for earning the money or to get a good knowledge about new activities or world news. I observed when the student's economical conditions is well then they are not interested in study only passing the time and spend money only for friends, watching movies, drink etc. and if student's economic conditions are not well they wants to take benefit of study and do very well. Why Govt. is not made schools or colleges in villages also. I like study and I am doing MCM (Master of Computer Management) after marriage. I think no age limit for study if you are interested you can do even after 60 yrs also. What do you think really study is possible in any age.