Voter smarter than I thought

@savypat (20246)
United States
May 18, 2011 1:37pm CST
In our small county in Oregon we voted on three different posts within the county government. The choice was to have these filled by election or appointment. Now appointment would have cost less than election but it gave the power of choosing the employees to one person. The posts have a lot of influence in the county and control of money. The minuete I read which posts they wanted to appoint and the amount of money or influence on money I knew this was not a good idea, not that anyone here would do it, but sooner or later someone would payoff someone and then corruption would be off and running, who knows how long before they were caught. Now it's true that elected persons are also corrupted at times, but every 4 years they have to face the voters and can lose their office. The public is very conscious of where the tax money is going, and hardly a week goes by without an investagation of county and city officials. Today I found that a large number of voters felt as I do and even though we have to pay for their elections we will continue to do so. From this statement you may thinkwe have a lot of corruption in our government, but most of the investgations come us empty. There just isn't a whole lot of entertainment around here. Sure there are major drug busts and a murder once or twice a month, but since a lot of us are from California its' pretty quite around here, so we keepour officals on their toes.
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@Pose123 (21667)
• Canada
20 May 11
Hi savypat, I agree with you here, it's very important that all government posts be filled by the people being elected. I have no time at all for appointments. I'm not always happy with the outcome but I accept the decision of the majority. That's the way our society works, and so far I've seen nothing better. Blessings.
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• Philippines
19 May 11
Voting is still a good step in making a government really work and be as effective as it could get. At least, that way, you have a say. Anyway, corruption is really terrible and a dreaded disease to any government. In our country, corruption is such a huge problem and sometimes we feel like there's no hope in having a country or government without any corruption at all. It's a big problem that is quite rampant in almost all of our government offices and it's pretty obvious. The hard thing to do is proving the officials' guilt. It's very disappointing.
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@GardenGerty (105408)
• United States
21 May 11
I think you live in a smart community. It is important to keep the option of choice.