Where there seem to be no way, God will make a way

May 23, 2011 9:00am CST
"Reclusion Perpetua" or life-imprisonment! It was the court's judgment to a long lost friend of mine. Last week, one of my friends approached me and asked me if I could possibly help her family to know that status of her brother-in-law (let me hide him in the name of Jim) who was in jail for a very very long time. At first they never knew that Jim was in jail for many years now. They were able to learn of his situation when his father died and there's no way that he would showed up. Jim instructed his wife not to let his father, mother and other relatives know what had happened to him. But this was broken when Jim's father accidentally died. And so this incident led the entire family members to know Jim's detainment. Jim was accused of possessing illegal drugs. He was included among other Muslim men, including his wife caught in the premises where there is a suspected selling of shabu. Unfortunately, only two of them, Jim & another muslim were convicted, the rest we acquitted including his wife. It's been more than a decade now that Jim is in jail. I only knew Jim for a shorter period and that time I was just a kid then, and he was my brother's peer. I know he is a good person, in fact he was the guitarist of their choir and sings in the Mass every Sunday, until he marry a muslim girl. Two weeks before my friend approached me to help his brother-in-law, I was accidentally met a distant relative who happens to be working at the Central Office of Bureau of Prisons. And when I have learned Jim's situation, I knew that meeting with my relative is not by accident, it happened for a reason. And so to make the long story short, my relative helped us to know the colony status of Jim. We learned that he has already served his sentence for more than 14 years now. But with the nature of his case (drug-related) and his sentence (reclusion perpetua), Jim needs to serve 15 years before he could qualify for pardon or clemency which only the President could give him. One more year. Jim still needs another year to qualify him to request for pardon or clemency. For now and until next year, nothing is certain yet, but in our hearts we feel that the good Lord himself lead us to help Jim. No one and no other could free Jim rather than the Lord God. There is hope even small right now, we will hold on to that hope, because we know that Jim already learned his lesson. God truly will make a way when there seem to be no way.
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@mythociate (16124)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
24 May 11
Amen! God will reign over the just and the unjust!
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