What class is your faviourate in world of warcraft?

May 24, 2011 11:08am CST
Which class is your faviourate in world of warcraft? my personal favriourate is the warlock, simply because of the wide array of abilities and spells that they have. Which class do you like and why? Mypalzadin
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@murfus (79)
• Colombia
28 May 11
mine is the shadow priest because it can heal a lot, also when you transform into shadow from you take 15% less damage, also shadow priest can cast power word shield witch provide you a nice damage absorb just with 15 secs cd, if you have a glyph power word shield can heal you to, dots are hard to avoid if you can cast dispel magic or cleanse, if your shadow priest had a great spell power you can be a god.
@soulist (2987)
• United States
24 May 11
Mine was a druid, resto. She was a pretty good healer. I think one of the reasons I love the druid class is because a lot of it is based on nature and nature magic. Plus dancing as a tree and boomkin was so much fun lol. :Jezebella: