How to earn more here in Mylot?

May 30, 2011 8:55am CST
Hi, i wanna ask if what is the best thing to do here in Mylot to earn more money, is it posting a lot or responding into discussions?
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@greenline (14864)
• Canada
17 Jun 11
The more time and effort you can devote to posting messages and responding to postings, the more you will be earning, of course. On top of that, making searches and completing the tasks will further enhance your earnings. Keep checking the available tasks regularly.
@aerous (13474)
• Philippines
1 Jun 11
Posting and responding is the same activity that we might increase our earnings here. You need to be consistent on the activity here. As I did I am going to make around 30 comments an hour and post one discussion in a week or month...
@owlwings (39601)
• Cambridge, England
30 May 11
The best way to use MyLot is not to be concerned about the money. The better quality your responses and comments are and the more that people give you positive ratings, the more you will earn. Always strive to give the most complete, most descriptive 'star' quality responses and make sure that you do the same in comments in your own discussions. MyLot makes no specific distinction between discussions, responses and comments. The FAQs: state that it is "quality of participation" which is rewarded. As you become more familiar with MyLot, you will begin to understand what 'quality' means but a very good start (indeed, it is essential!) is to read the Guidelines: so that you have an idea of what will inevitably be removed. Try to avoid responding to discussions which are clearly in violation of the Guidelines (and, of course, don't start any that are yourself!). Besides participating in discussions, you can also earn a little from adding images to your discussions and to Interests (but they must NOT be copyright images unless you have the right to use them - most images from the web are copyright unless it is clearly and specifically stated otherwise), using the Search facility (see under 'Rewards' in the FAQs) and, if you are lucky enough, getting active referrals.
30 May 11
Mylot earning are not set out specifically in that way, it is based on quality and content. For example, you could post many discussions and never respond to those that write within your discussion. You will not earn money on their posts, only on any quality comments you respond back to them with. Alternatively, you could never start a discussion but respond in a productive manner to discussions which grab your interest. If you contribute with quality posts, you will earn positive marks given to you by fellow Mylotters. You will see these efforts only when you reach 100 posts, so keep going. Remember to rate the posts of those you feel deserve notoriety for their contribution, as others will do the same for you. If you should require a little more help and information, tak some time to read through the FAQ's. They are full of relevant advice and information.
@BenA10 (37)
• United States
30 May 11
you earn money based on the QUALITY of your posts. not the number or how many you start. You could make a hundred posts, but if all of them are low quality, you won't make as much. You should really only respond to posts that you have something valuable to add to the discussion, don't just post for the sake of posting and getting your post count up, that's not what myLot is about.