How Do You Feel that You've Been Locked in a 'Filter Bubble'?

@mythociate (15963)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
May 31, 2011 5:54pm CST
At a recent 'TED Talks' (Search the Web for it, you'll see ), the speaker discussed 'filter bubbles'---the Internet's development of 'universes of web-content based solely on what our habits seem to demand rather than -on the full-range of content-types we come to the Internet for' --(like he said, it used to be that what we saw was filtered by the broadcast-producers, by the editors, by the FCC; and we came to the Internet to get away from those filters ... but it seems the editorial-filters are being replaced by algorithmic-filters)-- for example, he talked about how--though he's a liberal and spends most of his time reading liberal web-content--he also has conservative friends on Facebook. However, lately he's noticed that his liberal friends' content is filtered-out of his FB News-Feed. I've seem a sort of a 'filter' around here: though I try-and-try to tell you exactly what "value" is (in the hours you spend helping your friends live carefree lives), I keep seeing-and-seeing (mostly in myLot-ads on my homepage here) ad-after-ad touting that your time is only valuable if you let the advertisers assign some numerical value to it. I feel that these ads shut you inside a bubble where all your value is limited to the numbers of things you control rather than -to the infinity of uncontrollable things you influence. Do you see that? What other 'filter bubbles' do you see others (and perhaps yourself) becoming enclosed inside?
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