what would you do if someone fainted near you?has no breathing and pulse.

@eljayo (1107)
June 1, 2011 7:51am CST
Hi guys! This kind of scenario is very rare. But what if it happens to you, your friend or family member.. What would you do. That is why we really need to learn basic CPR and rescue breathes. Although I myself have not experienced this , we must all be prepared. There are a lot of workshops for this , and the good news is that, it is not just for health care providers but also for civilians. So what can you share on how should we respond to this situation?
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• Philippines
1 Jun 11
Honestly, I don't know..lol I don't have any idea on how to do the proper CPR, I guess I will just call for an ambulance or call anyone around who can help me with this. I just hope I will never encounter this kind of situation. I guess will I will faint as well.. lol
1 Jun 11
I think basic life-saving should be taught in all schools throughout the world. Too low a priority is given to this, and most of us will come across an emergency situation at some point in our lives. It won't be good if everyone around the situation panics and makes everything worse, especially if instant medical aid isn't available!
• Malaysia
22 Jun 11
CPR and rescue breath should be teach when we school. teachers and parent should aware about this because as community we must help someone needed.