How often do you accidentally drop your cell phone?

United States
June 3, 2011 3:52pm CST
So many people forget that they put their phone in their lap when they get out of the car, or that it is in their shirt pocket when they lean over. What are some of the funny ways you drop your cell phone?
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@dkboss (134)
• India
11 Jul 11
i take carefully my phone in my pocket .i take care my Nokia phone it is always connecting people.
@RamRes (1725)
• Argentina
11 Jun 11
Often when a cellphone falls, it's not funny at all, at least for the owners (maybe it is for their friends ). For me I rarely miss it and let it fall, I have it always either in my pocket from where it cannot get out easily or in top of a table or desk, again quite hard to fall. But as I'm somewhat clumsy it may fall when I'm using it or pulling it out of somewhere.
@menace730 (506)
• Philippines
8 Jun 11
Hahahahahahaha...I dropped my cell phone one time and tried to block it's collision with the ground with my foot and instaed kicked it across the room into a wall and broke the LED screen. It was an iphone...ohhhhhhhhhhhhh
@SpYkzzzz (26)
• South Africa
4 Jun 11
I have dropped my phone many times when getting of a car. It will be in my pocket and when i stand up it falls off.
@tash01 (2032)
• Jamaica
4 Jun 11
I drop my phone so many times i can't even count.but if am sitting in a car i always have my phone in my bag,so that i dont drop it in the public transportation. My son drop my phone countless times ,while playing games.I remember dropping my cell phone while using the blender i was talking to a friend,and i use my head to hold the phone on my should,After talking an talking i forgot that it was on my should an raise my head up an it drop . but my cell phone get a lot of drop
@ckciasigurl (1718)
• Vienna, Austria
4 Jun 11
hi amongo83 honestly i don't have any funny way that my phone was drop , i do forget sometimes that my phone is at my lap when i stood up it flew down, my cousin also drop my i phone it slide from the case to the cement floor good thing my phone is not destroy, in this month my phone drop maybe 2 to 3 times. And honestly i HATE IT.
@sk66rc (4261)
• United States
3 Jun 11
Well... I haven't dropped my phone all that much but I accidently ran over my phone, twice. This happened few years ago. I was getting out of my house to get to work & when I got to my car, I just remembered I left my wallet in the house. I was on the phone at the time. I told the person I would call him back & put the phone down on the top of my car, ran back in to my house, got my wallet & ran out, got in to my car & started to back up out of my driveway. When I came to a stop at the end of the driveway to look around for the on coming traffic, I thought I heard something weird because I had my windows down. then I started to back out of my driveway slowly & I heard something breaking. I stopped the car & thought something on my car was wrong so I started to pull back into my driveway again. Then I heard the noise for the 2nd time. I got out of the car & there was my cell phone in pieces. Apparently, when I stopped at the end of my driveway, it slid off from the roof of my car & I managed to drive over it, twice.
@puccagirl (7316)
• Israel
3 Jun 11
Not very often. I have had cellphones for over 10 years, and during that time, it only happened maybe 2 or 3 times, I think. And it never broke anyway. I often hear of people who drop their phones in the toilet though. And yes, I mean the actual toilet bowl!
3 Jun 11
We dont drop phones not even accidently because like i always purchase the chinese phones and they break in just one go, even when they are dropped from 0.0005 metres. by the way i have replaced phones 3 times due to this.
@ravisivan (14055)
• India
3 Jun 11
There are no funny ways. Many time I drop phones down on to the ground. I use to anxiously look at it to find whether the phone is alive. Unlike USA, in India we do not have carpets on the floor. So damage will be severe for phones, watches, pens being dropped. have a good day