Ants on pee...sign of diabetes?

@itsack (83)
June 3, 2011 4:21pm CST
One time, I pee on a tree in the woods, then after several minutes, a colony of ants emerged and gathered around the area where I pee. Is this a sign of diabetes?
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@barehugs (8986)
• Canada
6 Jun 11
Could this mean that those ants had never before seen a human man pee, and were impressed with your anatomy. Why did you choose to pee on the tree, when there were so many other choices on which to urinate? Come to think of it- it must have been quite a sight, what with you standing there, holding your appendagein one hand while letting fly all over the tree. I applaud those ants for their sense of humor!
@itsack (83)
• Philippines
6 Jun 11
No, the ants were not impressed with my anatomy coz they're not yet there the time I peed. Also, what would be your other choices to urinate if you were in the woods? you don't find any rest rooms or portalets and be choosy, unless you bring one. :)
@Suzieqmom (2763)
• United States
30 Jul 11
Interesting question. My father had diabetes, and his urine did not smell sweet, it just smelled like stronger urine. On the other hand, I have read that very sweet-smelling urine can mean a person is missing one or two of the essential amino acids (I don't remember which ones). If you are concerned, the beat thing to do, as others have suggested, is visit a doctor and have a few test run. Good luck!
@youless (94238)
• Guangzhou, China
8 Jun 11
There are many signs to see whether a person is a diabetic or not. Such as if you have a heavy weight and seldom do some sports, then the possibility to have diabetetes is higher. Besides, will you often feel thirsty? It is also a sign of diabetes. Will your skin often be itchy? It is better to go to see a doctor to have a check-up rather than feeling worried all the time. I love China
@julianmac (397)
• Malaysia
5 Jun 11
Hi, Ants being attracted to urine is not a legitimate test for diabetes.Do you happen to pass a sugary smell urine? This might indicate the presence of high blood sugar that's being excreted in the urine. However I do remember reading some where that urine with no smell is an early sign of diabetes.It is at your best interest to consult a certified physician to clear your doubts. Hopefully there is nothing wrong with you.
• Philippines
4 Jun 11
The following 3 Ps are the signs of diabetes: ---- Polyuria (excessive urination) ---- Polyphagia (excessive eating) ---- Polydipsia (excessive thirst) If you experience these, then probably, you have Diabetes Mellitus Type 2. If there was really "sugar" that it present in you urine, it means that there could be already a damage in your urinary bladder because sugar is a big molecule that normally cannot pass thru the urinary bladder (it will be filtered). If you already have diabetes, don't worry so much, though there may not be a cure for it, the condition can be managed by diet and exercise. Note: Hypoglycemia is more harmful than hyperglycemia. So do not TOTALLY erase carbohydrates in your diet. Just take the right amoount. Go to a hospital near you and have your blood be tested for sugar levels. Hope you'll be alright :)