...issue resolved?

June 4, 2011 12:13am CST
I get a notification from Mylot about a discussion I posted. It says that teh discussion is removed due to 'issue resolved.' I accept the action but I am wondering if anybody could further explain what 'issue resolved' mean. It really surprised me since I thought I didn't break any of the guidelines at the time when I posted my discussion. Thanks in advance.
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@Hatley (164450)
• Garden Grove, California
4 Jun 11
hi jeanneyvonne I think it means that some dispute or misunderstanding between two people has run its course. I feel for you as I got my own first deleted discussion because I supposedly misunderstood what was supposed to be a joke.Personally I feel we all have one thing that is a tender spot with us and that a joke about that does not feel like a joke. We both broke a rule about flaming and insulting others as I know my responses caused another mylotter to be hurt.that I never wanted to happen.but now both of us know better sp we can be more careful.
@mysdianait (64329)
• Italy
4 Jun 11
I remember your topic and I had one myself last week-end too (which I had reported as soon as I posted t). If we start a topic concerning an issue/problem here on myLot which is later dealt with by admin and our topic contains nothing more than a rant, with little or nothing to discuss, then once the issue/problem has been resolved we will also lose out topic.