Is Paypal a Cheater - Is our Money is at risk ?

June 9, 2011 10:17pm CST
First of all go out with this website , Yesterday a friend of mine sent me a Message with a Subject " Your Money is at risk in Paypal " Can some one give a apt explanation about this ?
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@owlwings (39604)
• Cambridge, England
10 Jun 11
There is no doubt that some people have had their accounts limited, frozen or suspended and that some of those cases have been decided in favour of the wrong party. Also, many people don't know what to do about it and find the process of dispute overwhelming. You have to realise, though, that this does not apply to MOST PayPal customers ... only to a very small percentage. Of course, if you happen to be one of that minority, it is a big issue for you and you might find it helpful to buy the book (for around $16 including shipping). I can't recommend that you do, however! My problem with the site is that it uses highly inflammatory language and promises to teach some things which are definitely against PayPal's Terms and Conditions and is thus likely to create some of the problems which it claims to be able to solve! Make no mistake. This guy has hit on a 'niche market' (unhappy PayPal customers) and is doing a 'hard sell' on it. His primary aim is NOT to help you but to SELL his book to you and to put a finger up to PayPal.
• India
10 Jun 11
Thanks for the supportive message , I am not going to trust that guy , just had a thought of discussing what i got from the Internet about the alarming topic
@gcabando (314)
• Philippines
12 Jun 11
Havent exoerience this problem yet. I have been using paypal for 3 years now and not getting any problem from it. It applies to some fraud accounts in paypal.
@dodo19 (33307)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
11 Jun 11
Well, some might have some problems with paypal, but I've never had a problem with paypal. Personally, I feel that it's a safe site to use. Until I encounter any serious problems with paypal, I think I might just keep using it. I'll do so, mainly because, as I have said, I haven't any problems with paypal.
@ravisivan (14055)
• India
10 Jun 11
Your discussion post is interesting to read and watch. frauds are committed by its customers on paypal. Of course the losers are some customers. It is risky to keep money in online bank accounts and also in paypal to some extent. We are supposed not to transact from public computers, use digital key boards and have difficult passwords. I always keep less than one dollar and get the balance transferred because as per RBI regulations we are supposed to withdraw within 7 days. have a good day.
@SHAMRACK (8443)
• India
10 Jun 11
Dear friend, I feel paypal is one of the best online money translation tool. Moreover it gives a better side mostly to Asian compared to other transaction tools. I feel there is some issues with Reserve Bank of India that is not much liberal. Hope and wish that all those problems will be solved soon.