My simple view of corruption and bribery

June 10, 2011 12:51am CST
In the Philippines the word corruption and bribery is tagged when you mention about government, either it's an officer, an employee or the office itself. This word has been overused during election when every candidates use to mislead or persuade people what was up against their challenger. This was also the heaviest black propaganda one candidate could ever heard about him. It was so unfair throwing such negative words because those concepts are not only for government but for every private individual as well. Try to look around, corruption is everywhere. When you ride in a jeepney, a passenger may not be honestly pay the fare to the driver and then the driver in his own way will not return the exact change as well. Those are just common scenario every day committed conciously by the said person. Have you ever wonder where did this start? For me it started in you, in myself and most of all in our own home. Our character molded at home and outside influence is just secondary to what we have learned from home. When you were still a child... Did you ever get some money from your Mom or Dad without permission? Did you return the loose change when you done an errand to buy some groceries? Did you ask first from them the reward before you would take the task? Did you negotiate what would be the reward if you had abide the rules and refuse if it didn't fit to your desire? If you are a parent now and you encourage your children to do a task because you are going to reward them plenty afterward and little than you know, they will no longer to do a task without a negotiation with you on what they could get from it or else they would demand on what the reward may be. Definitely that is a simple corruption and bribery. The children when they go out from home and mingle with different types of people probably would practice what they have learned from home. As it is say that our home is our first school. Although the positive side of it, aiming for a reward, as a person will shows that you are competent and ambitious enough to finish a task. And as they grow, those kinds of practices would be applied to their friends, acquaintances and especially at work. In the same manner when they became an officer or employer, a father or a mother they would doing it likewise. Can we stop it? How?
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@neildc (17254)
• Lapu-Lapu City, Philippines
21 Jun 11
corruption doesn't only apply to the society, our life, our work, our family. if you may recall, people used to say "my files are gone and my computer is corrupted". so corruption only means, to destroy someone or something. in an office, corruption means to deal with someone with something that people around you would not think you could do it. i mean, you are being trusted to do your job properly and sincerely. bribery is some kind of corruption. being one employee of the state, i know i can stop corruption right here from my desk.
@chinamma (24)
• India
10 Jun 11
corruption is everywhere now a days.i actually dream of a country that has no corruption and the money of people is spent on them.most of the government officers and corrupted.because of many reasons and making money in very short period of time.the corrupted officers must be severely punished.
10 Jun 11
Corruption is a part of human nature, stemming from our stupid greed. We always want more, even when we have more than we need. Institutions always compound corruption. Why? Because it's easier to hide what you're doing when there are so many people around, all worrying about their own work and responsibilities. Politics compounds corruption even more. Why? Because politicians never tell the truth. Their job is to appeal to as many people as possible, to get elected: thus, they will tell half-truths, avoid questions or even lie outright to ensure they remain in power. Power compounds corruption. Why? Because you can do what you want. Some people quite simply ARE above the law... and they know it. Put all of those together - greed, personal corruption, institutions, politics and power - and what do you have? Government, the military, large corporations. The seat of corruption is always the thing our demented civilization treasures the most.