SUccess.....what makes you think you are successful???

June 10, 2011 11:30am CST
hi guys, it comes to my mind now,and asked myself if i can considered my life as a successful person you know why, because i already attained my dreams to go abroad, i can buy things what i want,i can helped my family what ever they need,but i'm still emptied and felt that something was missing or something was lacking in my life, maybe i was not yet contented in my life???Do you think you can considered your life successful already, what makes you think and what makes think not???
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• Marikina, Philippines
18 Nov 11
I am contented and successful in life if I got a decent income on the internet online and if I have a business online -- he he -- well, I think, it depends on the person. Some people are not contented even if they have everything, but some people are contented and satisfied if they have already achieve their goals. As for me, it is a long way to achieve my goal.
@maezee (33009)
• United States
10 Jun 11
For me, success would be having a good education, good job, living on my own and financially stable. It's funny but somehow success for me mainly looks at finances. Maybe because right now I'm in dire straights, who knows. I would love to find success some day. Definitely not today, and probably not tomorrow, though.