awsome movie

June 10, 2011 1:22pm CST
forrest gump is a truly awsome film, it has it all, comedy, drama, romance, and also dealing with serious topics such as war and death. tom hanks' perfromance is fantastic, and dont forget osment at the end playing his son!! much watch with out a doubt if you have not yet watch it, cant imagine that there are many people that havent!!
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10 Jul 11
one amazing thing was how easily the movie mixed fiction with reality
• United States
14 Jun 11
Nothing else compares, just an awesome movie and Tom Hank's best work. To many great lines to quote and just can not watch it enough.
@JodeneB (177)
• United States
10 Jun 11
You totally nailed it! Forrest gump is definitely one of the best all time movies. All the actors portrayed their characters so great and memorably. I especially love the music through the decades. They squeezed so much entertainment into one movie. awesomely done!
• India
10 Jun 11
Absolutely. What I like most about the film Forrest Gump is that, besides being one of the very best films (in terms of class and quality) ever made, it also keeps us entertaining. It does keep all sections of the audience with funny situations arising in Forrest's life. The story is presented beautifully, & Tom Hank's performance is awesome as always. All in all, "must watch" movie for sure.