Crazy Wife Needs to Blame her Husband!

United States
June 10, 2011 9:50pm CST
I dated a man for three weeks and he told me that he was separated. I thought we had that in common. Well he was very sweet and charming and everything was going great until I got a call from a woman claiming to be his wife who he was trying to work things out with. I confronted him about it and he made up lies so I ignored his phone calls. I was honest with his wife about our relationship and I totally backed off but now she is back with him and she keeps on calling me and harassing me, insulting me all the time. I told her she needs to be mad at her husband for lying to us but she is putting all the blame on me! I don't know what to to make her understand I had no idea about her.
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@Hatley (164468)
• Garden Grove, California
15 Jun 11
candybat she sounds like she has flipped out and if she s ontines badgering after you have told her you didnot know about her, I would call the police as its illegal to badge someone on the phone. I think too perhaps the phone company could put a block on her calls too. Ask them and if it get worse do call the police. Also be v ery careful not to be around the husband as he sounds a little off too and could make his wife realy angry if he showed up around you too.
• United States
16 Jul 11
You're right, Hatley, he is off because I don't get why he would want to make his wife suffer by lying to her, acting like I am obsessed with him. I had my new boyfriend answer their calls, as she is sharing a cell with him now and no one would answer sometimes, they would just listen. I assumed it was her and she was tired of arguing & just wanted to annoy me but one night her husband answered & told my boyfriend he wanted 2 talk 2 me! My boyfriend couldn't believe how arrogant he was! He said he must b really full of himself & wants his wife 2 think he is really hot stuff.
@asliah (11148)
• Philippines
26 Apr 13
yes that is right,most of wives put their blame and angry to the girl and not to the their man,if a wife have a broaden mind they should analyze first the thing before she react,because sometimes it is fault of the guy why the girls will fall to him.
@cream97 (29166)
• United States
13 Sep 11
Hi, candybat. I really think that she should get on her husband instead of you. She is just trying to find someone to blame and that is you. I have noticed that this takes place so much nowadays with many women. They will blame the woman that had no idea about the previous relationship, between husband and wife, and then they will be angry at just one person. (Usually it is the female). That is not fair at all. That is why I would never date a man that is separated. I would not just take his word for it. I would want to see his actual and factual divorce papers, just to believe him. Hopefully, even after they are divorced, he is still not messing around with his ex-wife anymore. Be very careful, because some men are known to do this.
@anonima73 (153)
• Puerto Rico
12 Sep 11
Is there any evidence of you and her husband together like pics, gifts, your kids, etc? I personally think you should expose this man for being so unjust to his woman. he doesn't deserve such a man plus she must be STUPID no offense because if I found out a husband of mine had a woman I'd OBVIOUSLY know he was CHEATING on me and DUMP him duh! I'd like to let her know the truth just to see the reaction of such an obsessed woman. This are the lady's that men love of how dumb they are. Perfect for cheating.