Federer verus Nadal

@ramp123 (191)
June 12, 2011 7:45am CST
Judging by how tight the French Open final was, which three of the four sets extended, and almost every other game going to deuce on both serves, it looks like Nadal's edge over Federer has come down significantly in the last year or so. I expected a straight set win for Nadal, but that was not to be. What this does is open up Wimbledon. On grass, a completely different surface, I think Federer has every chance of beating Nadal. He is due for a grand slam win, not having won a major since the 2010 Australian Open. What do you thnk?
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14 Jun 11
If Federer can overcome Novak Djokovic again [if the Wimbledon draw turns out the same, they are to meet in the semis], then I don't see why he can't beat Nadal. Nadal may have improved significantly in other surfaces, but this is grass. Federer is king on the grass.
• India
12 Jun 11
It is a common misconception actually. It is true that on his day, nobody can beat Federer (not even an in-form Nadal). We saw Federer commit almost 30 unforced errors in the second set, which in no way suits to the champion he is. About Nadal not being dominant: When Nadal came on to the international arena at a very young age, he had a flamboyant, "nothing to lose" attitude, he gave his very best to each and every set & each and every game he played. But his present style is more conservative, he wants success on a long run, he commits fully into each and every shot only on crucial situations. He doesn't want himself to get drained by an intense match or a tournament or even get injured, forcing him to miss the entire season. Consider French open semi-finals and finals - all of the crucial occasions where won by Nadal with ease. On the other hand, Federer struggled to win crucial points (both on his own serve as well on breaks). So it is more about Nadal's change in attitude (to a conservative approach) that gives everyone a wrong impression that Nadal is not at his dominating best anymore. But, at Wimbledon, we will definitely see Nadal fighting it hard against a much more confident Federer (the king of grass).
@ram_cv (16516)
• India
12 Jun 11
Last year, both players had turned the table on each other with Federer winning at French and Nadal winning at Wimbledon. This year Nadal has restored the normal service by winning at the French. So I would expect Federer to the same and by winning the Wimbledon. The Joker in this pack could still be Djokovic, but as Federer showed at the French when it comes to the big stage, he still needs to go up a level. Cheers! Ram