Have you ever had a very happy day out?

@maximax8 (28256)
United Kingdom
June 13, 2011 2:30pm CST
Today I wondered if it would be a very bad day because the 13th is meant to be unlucky. I am in Yorkshire for one week with my 4 year old disabled son and my 23 month old daughter. We took a bus to a beautiful little town and it happened to be market day. We loved visiting its old castle at the top of the hill. Then we took a steam train to a village which was lovely to wander around. We came back on an ordinary train and then a bus. It was an excellent day full of enjoyment. Have you ever had the thought a day would be bad but it turned out excellent? Please tell about any fantastic days out you have had. What did you find happy about these days?
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@albto_568 (1268)
• Costa Rica
16 Jun 11
Hi Maximax, I remember one day, it was rainy, and some friends of mine and I was going to a park near home to play football. The day was rainy and cold, and, for some reason I didn´t want to go, and not only for the rain, or the fact, that the other guys were far much better than us, I just didn´t want to go, but I had to, I was the goalkeeper. But, inspite of all of this, and inspite we lost (it wasn´t my fault), I had a fantastic day, we even ended in a bar, sharing drinks with the other team, reading at your post, it came to my mind as one of my happiest days.
@famee87 (29)
14 Jun 11
hello maxima :) yes. i definitely had a very happy day out. i have may instances actually. but the best would be during my birthday last may. i had the time to be with my friends and family. and it was really great. sometimes, simple get togethers would really make my day :)
14 Jun 11
Myself and my friends have many days out together and usually always have a great time! Our next one is to Blackpool pleasure beach at the end of the month which I am really looking forward to! I think the 13th is only supposed to be unlucky if it falls on a friday though! Lol x
@yugasini (12816)
• Anantapur, India
14 Jun 11
hi maximax, so now you are having a son and daughter,how far your son can work him self with out the help of you or others, i think it is some what difficulty to visit places with your two years daughter and disabled son, i have read a novel where the disabled person succeeded hin his life,i hope your son also succeed in his life,convey my best wishes to him,have a nice day
@jillhill (37384)
• United States
13 Jun 11
When my son was little he hated trying anything new. We went on a trip with my parents to Baraboo WI...where it's the circus capital of the world. He resisted the whole way..just my mother, him and I went....well it was the first circus my mother had ever gotten to attend...my son thought it would be boring. We started out in the bleachers about half way up...suddenly my son got up and sat in the front row...he throughly enjoyed the whole circus! It made the experience for my mother even better...he still hated trying new things after that..but that day he was one happy little guy. He now has a daughter who is six. She is the very same way! She hates trying something new but once in the situation....she has a wonderful time! Glad your vacation is turning out to be fantastic!
• United States
13 Jun 11
Yes most definitely. My last really perfect day was back in November. It was the last nice sunny & warm day we had just before the cold Winter weather hit us. My husband & I took our two dogs to a local park that has trails you can walk though & a lake with lots of Ducks & Geese. It was such a beautiful day. Fortunately for me I had my camera with me so I got a whole bunch of great shots. One of my favorite photos from that day is of a Squirrel halfway down a big Oak tree holding a walnut in his paws eating it. It was so cute the way he held that walnut. We walked completely around the lake then headed home to drop off the dogs before we headed back out to our favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner. So that was my perfect day. I hope to have more days like that, but perfect days are rare.