I watched Bruce and Evan Almighty again

@axlrate7 (1369)
June 16, 2011 9:52am CST
Bruce Almighty - This is a example of bruce almighty scene!
This movie really gave me a lesson and inspiration about life and God. It is kinda addictive to watch this two movie because of it's comedy story, and of course the lesson that the movie want to share to many people. The funny scene that I can't forget in Bruce almighty was the scene of Evan Baxter anchoring in news live. Evan is played by Bruce! That's so very hilarious...LOL! So what I learn in this movie is to be the miracle. I know this is not as easy in the real life, but this movie is right that people have the power to bless other people by doing what is necessary right. We are all connected in each other anyway. Well in Evan almighty part, I think the "I do the dance" is still in my head, Steven Carell is a funny man and I laugh many times in this movie. I always remember the saying here; "Act of random kindness at a time", that's because Evan wants to change the world. If you analyze the story, God(Morgan Freeman) make Evan like a old acient man or let say Noah to teach him some some important lesson in life and also to call attention of the people in their state to save from the flood. I love how Tom Shadyac made this film! He is an amazing director... Full of God's wisdom in his heart... So what do you say mylotters in this movie? Did it give an impact to your life?