how can i earn my referrals and task in mylot??

June 17, 2011 1:00am CST
i have only earn in my participation but in my referrals and task and rewards is none. i don't understand what say there i just confused, i can't get..i want to earn and additional earn..
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• Philippines
17 Jun 11
The answers above stated it all so I'm just gonna give you a bit more detailed explanation of how you earn from referrals. As users above have stated, you'll only earn through referrals if you referred someone here and that person actually joins the site and participates. Now, you'll earn 25% of their earnings. That means, if they earn $10, you'll earn $2.5 from your referrals category. Some users mistakenly think that they're actually taking money from their referrals, which is *wrong*. You're not taking your referrals' money here, their earnings is just a reference of how much you'll be gettin. I hope this clears things out.
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@swirlz (3137)
• Philippines
17 Jun 11
Do you have referrals? You'll only earn from your referrals if you have any and they are active too. Tasks- you have to do tasks to earn from them. Rewards- they say you sometimes get rewarded if you use the search button for old discussions.
@neededhope (1086)
• United States
17 Jun 11
First off you have to refer people in order for you to get a commission off of them.. Secondly they have to participate in mylot.. Like start discussions and reply to others. Not sure what the rewards column is for.. But the task bar you have to complete tasks and they have to be accepted for you to earn anything from them.. You may want to read over the FAQ's page and actually read it in how you make money on mylot. And posts like this one usually are deleted because if you read the FAQ's you would have already gotten your answer.