Criminal would disguise as a utility workers to burglarize our home

United States
June 19, 2011 11:55am CST
That sounds like a movie that some people would masquerade as some utility workers and sneak into your home and install all those bugging device or something like that. But lately from the newspaper, some criminals might disguise themselves as a utility worker, and they would knock on your door, demand to come in and take a look around your house. When they wait until you were not home, they would empty your house instantly. That sounds pretty scary isn't it? Actually, a friend of mine has burglar problem before he went on a trip to Europe. Both his wife and him weren't home. His Big screen TV was gone along with some furniture, and his wife's jewelry too. So, if some strangers who looks like a utility company employee demands to come in, shut the door first. Call that company and ask whether they dispatch anyone to your area. Play safe first.
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@Shellyann36 (11244)
• United States
20 Jun 11
Not too surprising at all. Criminals are deceitful people to begin with. Here in our area we had a group of people going around selling fake magazine subscriptions. After they cased out the neighborhood they would come back later to rob the houses. We currently have two suspects in our county jail for the murder and robbery of one victim whose house they cased out. Apparently they thought that the guy was never home during the day and he surprised them while they were robbing the place. They murdered him and tried to conceal his body by burning him. They got caught and I hope they get swift and hard punishment. I don't let just anyone come into my house. I rent and if I have any sort of problem that my SO cannot fix I let the real estate agency know. I also find out who they are sending and get details about that person. With utility companies such as the phone/internet person I do not let them wander though my home alone. I stay with them in the area that they are in. I do not give them the chance to possibly slip in somewhere and leave a window open. Also, we have an alarm on the house that monitors all of the windows and the doors. If one is left ajar or open we know. I do not trust people at all these days. Everyone should be more careful.