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June 20, 2011 10:11am CST
Dear Friends, I am new to Mylot and joined 1 day ago. I went thru the FAQ of the site but could not understand the actual process. I am confused regarding the discussions to be posted. Yesterday I tried to post 3 discussions and noticed my earnings at $0.03 today. So, pl help me how to earn in this site. Also let me know how much can I earn for posting discussion, for a blog, for responding to discussion and for receiving responses for the discussion posted. When will the earnings get updated in my account? Regards, Sirish M Hyderabad, India.
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@inu1711 (5288)
• Romania
20 Jun 11
Hello Msrr and welcome to myLot! If you only start a discussion and leave it like that (as you did with your first three discussions) you won't earn too much from myLot. Don't expect to be paid for the responses you receive because here we're paid for our activity, not for others. Some good myLotter uses to say that myLot thumb rule is: "I type - I earn. You type, you earn" So, next time you start a discussion make sure you go back to it and comment each response you got, to make it into a real discussion. MyLot advises us to forward the discussion as much as we can, by commenting the responses and the comments. It is not too late to go back to the discussions you started and to try showing that you learned the thumb rule.
• United States
20 Jun 11
Keep posting and responding and make some goals you will do just fine.
@owlwings (40111)
• Cambridge, England
20 Jun 11
Earnings are updated with a 24 hour delay. What you earned yesterday (by MyLot time, shown at the bottom of the screen) will show up today. Don't forget that there is a time difference between Central US time and your time so MyLot's midnight is different from yours! MyLot is a discussion site. It rewards you for quality participation in discussions. You get paid for what YOU type, so respond to discussions and start discussions of your own only if you can add good quality comments to the responses you get. It is essential that you know and follow the Guidelines: , otherwise you are likely to have posts deleted (and you won't earn from those).