Are you a dumper or a dumpee?

United States
June 20, 2011 12:50pm CST
I know everyone has been in a relationship, but have you been the one who ended it or the person you were with was the one to end it? How did the break up go? Was it okay, bad, good or straight up crazy? As a bartender i've heard the most bizarre stories and i want to hear what my fellow my lotters have to say. Do you prefer being the cheater or the person your with being the cheater, if you could choose.
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@saundyl (9690)
• Canada
13 Jan 12
I one in the relationship cheats. Cheating to me means theres a failure in communications. Someones not happy and hiding it. I've been both the dumpee and the dumper. When i was the dumpee...i actually found that the guy who dumped me...could have just said we were too far away and that the distance was too hard and was better if we saw other people...i was at that point too feeling that way but...he said some fairly uncalled for and nasty comments after that were not necessary and then thought we should "be friends" I found being the dumper hard....I didnt want to hurt the person's feelings. Knowing that anyway i said it was going to hurt i wanted say it and not add extra hurt. It was "simplest" to say that it wasnt working out and we were looking at two different directions in life...even though there was more to it than that. I didnt ask to stay friends. And when he asked i said that if we were meant to stay friends we would be but to force it would be wrong. We talk every once in a while now...but He's moved to the other side of the country so the different directions thing actually ended up being literal.