If you really want to know what happens after we die . . .

June 24, 2011 11:03am CST
I recommend the following website: http://www.channelingerik.com that was set up by the mother of a young man who committed suicide. Now, channelled from Spirit, he is teaching us about life on Earth and in other dimensions. It is fascinating stuff! This sharing, loving, community will answer all your questions!
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@ajk111 (2527)
24 Jun 11
no matter what our individual religious beliefs may be, if this gives someone hope and comfort than it is a great website. i shall give it a look out of curiosity.
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25 Jun 11
Everyone on the site has a slightly different take on spirituality and is interesting to follow.
• India
24 Jun 11
Is that really true or just a story for an advertizement? Is it helped you in any form? But thanks for sharing your knowledgeable stuff. :)
25 Jun 11
Yes, it is 100% true! Yes, it helps me on an ongoing basis, as I am a Medium, and I just want to share it with THE WORLD!