Whitey Bulger

United States
June 24, 2011 7:11pm CST
Well, I am surprised that no one on mylot has yet started a discussion about the capture of Whitey Bulger. I grew up in a working class neighborhood of Boston that had a heavy Jewish and Italian Mafia presence. The Irish Mafia dominated South Boston which were Whitey's stomping grounds. I have a long standing interest in organized crime and various mafias. I guess one might say that it is even one of my hobbies. All ethnic, racial and religious groups have their mafias, although they are often called something else such as cartels, gangs, extremists, etc. I follow organized crime in the news. And love a good organized crime or mafia movie. I have been following the story of Whitey for many years. He has been profiled on America's Most Wanted many times. The trials should be interesting and I plan to follow them with fascination. Of course at 81 years old, he may not live long enough to be tried.
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@Rollo1 (16685)
• Boston, Massachusetts
25 Jun 11
They have been hunting for Whitey Bulger for as long as I can remember. I remember the movie, Johnny Dangerously and thinking how it mirrored the Bulger brothers - one a successful and respected member of the community, and the other a mobster. I will be interested to find out if Bulger reveals any network of support, any help he received and just how many MA politicians will be caught up in scandal if he does. There's always been a lot of corruption in politics, and in MA politics it is common. Should be interesting to see what information comes out, if any actually does or is allowed to.
• United States
25 Jun 11
Boston and Massachusetts have a very colorful political history -- both the city and state have been known for corruption. I have long lived in Texas which has a similar colorful past. Whitey's life would make a great movie or even series i.e. The Sopranos. I wonder if Whitey will live long enough to stand trial being that he is 81 years old but also some very powerful people might have an interest in seeing that Whitey does not live long enough to talk or give interviews. He was found with $800,000 in cash. Where do you get such money? Where do you put it? It should be interesting. I have followed this story for many years.
26 Jun 11
Since you've got an interest in this, can I ask, are there ever occasions when ethnic Mafias work together, or will the Jewish, Italian, Irish etc. strictly keep to their own communities? I suppose any kind of alliance would be too risky as they are all out to stab each other in the back anyway?
• United States
27 Jun 11
There has always been collaboration between ethnic mafias. The Jewish and Italian Mafias have long histories of being buddy buddy when it suits them. But they do not trust one another. And they do turn on each other. This is equally true of the Irish and Italian mafias. They have histories of working together but also being at war with one another. I recommend Boardwalk Empire on HBO if you have access. Having grown up in Boston, I am most familiar with The Italian, Jewish and Irish Mafias. But there are all kinds of mafias. There is a Southern Mafia in the southern states. And as new groups have come into the United States, new mafias arise such as The Russian Mafia and Vietnamese Mafia. One of my interests is organized crime.