how can i make money on ebay

@adex19 (114)
June 25, 2011 5:09am CST
i head a lot of people are making money on ebay. how can i start because i will like to make money on ebay.
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20 Aug 11
It's not difficult. Do you have any old junk cluttering up the house which you're probably going to throw out anyway? Stick it on Ebay - if you list it at a starting price of 99p (in the UK, might be different if you live elsewhere) you won't have to pay anything upfront, just a percentage of the final sale price, therefore there's no risk. I've been getting rid of old magazines in this way for a while, I'm slowly building up a bit of money and increasing my reputation. Take a digital photo of each item and list it. Make your description as honest as possible, and respond to any enquiries. Never be dishonest in your listings, that'll only damage your reputation. And make sure you're clear about postage - I weigh each item on a kitchen scale then check the post office website for prices. Easy.
@cherza (32)
• United States
2 Jul 11
There are many people who have Ebay business. You have to open an account to get started. They offer tools to help members get started. Most individuals own an Ebay store to earn money.
@ahand4u (35)
• United States
27 Jun 11
Well their is many ways to make money on ebay for example buying and selling ebooks on ebay, buying an item and then reselling it at 10 or 20 percent profit it all depends on you and how hard are you willing to work.
@bubulizzz (508)
• Latvia
25 Jun 11
On ebay you can make money if you have something to sell. And this something must be such a thing which other would need. Selling on ebay isn't very easy way to earn money. You always need to think how to make description greater than other seller descriptions on such a product. Also you need to calculate shipping expenses. Other way how to earn with ebay is to buy something and sell at your place for more high price. But there you need the start funds. If you really want to start to get acquainted ebay area, I would suggest to sell some cards, pins or something like that, because these things are lightweight and there would be no problems to ship them.
• Malaysia
25 Jun 11
ebay is like opening a virtual store. the diffence is tha you do not need to pay for store rent, bill, license and so on. Just have something to sell and post it on ebay. simple...