Do You Remember Everything You Learned In High School?

@apples99 (6564)
United States
June 30, 2011 12:32am CST
I have a feeling that the short Answer for most honest people is no, and I'd be lying if I said yes I remember everything because honestly I don't. Who really remembers everything they learn in school? I mean from the time you enter elementary school to junior high, and high school, that's a lot of years and in between those years there's so much that happens and goes on in life that unless you are the type that enjoys taking a refresher course now and then, but most people are so happy when the graduate or leave high school and they don't bother to take a refresher class lets face it most people can't possibly remember all of the things they learn in school and we don't use all the stuff we learn either what does that say or mean about education? Do you remember and use everything you learned in high school be honest? thanks.
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@JodeneB (177)
• United States
11 Jul 11
Hi. I really wish I remembered more from the high school education! I do remember some things though,...which was probably the fun or interesting things! I do though, read all the time & watch documentaries, so I am constantly learning. I don't watch television because I don't want my mind to become stagnant! I believe in constantly challenging yourself & learning all the time!
• Philippines
9 Jul 11
My answer is a definite no. I do not remember the things I learned in High School. Not Algebra, Chemistry, Geometry, Trigonometry. Not even the arts and crafts stuff. Zilch! If ever I used an of them when I was still a working class girl, then I wasn't aware of it. But I'm really hoping that when my baby girl starts going to school, then I will get a free refresher in the process. :)
@JenInTN (27564)
• United States
3 Jul 11
Not really. It has been a long have went back to school now though and there are a lot of things that have come back to me...math the algebra stuff. I am of course learning a lot more of it now.
• Indonesia
2 Jul 11
When I was school, I'm kind of good student and always have a good point.BUt remembering every lesson is not my skill.Of course I remember some lesson that become my favourite or have memories, such as English, Tourism Topic ( I'm tourism student ), etc.I love English and remember the lesson because I'm fans of my English teacher so when it came to that lesson I became so serious to accept it.
@KrauseHome (35507)
• United States
1 Jul 11
Well, considering it has been 29 yrs. since I have graduated there is many things that I have forgotten. Some of the things I learned or tried to learn have never been things I have needed to use in my life today, so why should I even try? I think personally they try to teach you too much back then and unless it is things you are going to use all of the time you will forget them. But since I still like French, and reading about it,m and learning about France this is a language that intrigues me and there are some things I still do remember. As for other things no importance so not worth remembering.
@ElicBxn (60894)
• United States
30 Jun 11
No way, I sure don't remember much from math or English, but I remember a lot about a History of the English Language class I took in college, but I've had "refreshers" because I enjoyed it so much!
@bluespygirl (2112)
• Philippines
30 Jun 11
Hello there! I remember and have used most of what I learned from Higschool. Add to that are also the experiences. I hardly forget people and incidents that had happen in my life --happy or sad ones. We dont't have refresher course here but there are lots of free seminars and trainings which anyone can attent if he want to..