which is better eating raw vegetables or cooked

June 30, 2011 4:42am CST
One of the thing which always cause me dilemma is whether taking raw vegetable is better than cooked one . Some time it is not possible to take raw one what do you say
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• Indonesia
30 Jun 11
raw vegetables is better than cooked vegetable but I can't eat raw vegetable because it's not tasty and not comfort in my tongue.But for certain vegetable such as cabbage & cucumber, I can eat it in raw version as long as togetherwith rice and other food
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@lrdl3535 (153)
• United States
27 Jul 12
Raw vegetables have a higher nutritional value then cooked ones do. When they are cooked it takes out vitamins such as vitamin C. If you prefer to cook them, then cook the vegetables very lightly to avoid the loss of as many vitamins as you can.
@pan_23 (420)
• Kuwait
18 Jul 12
eating raw and freshly cleaned vegetables are good for our health. but i eat cooked vegetable only. i make many recipes with any vegetable and so do experiements in making new dish. as like many of my indians are very fond of cooked vegetable curries daily,i also like my indian vegetable curries and i eat them with rice daily. but we will loose some nutrients when we cook vegetables.
@maurya83 (923)
• India
3 Jun 12
as far I read, its only a myth, eating raw vegetables are better than cooked..cooking is crucial to our diets. It helps us digest food without expanding huge amounts of energy. cooking softens the cellulose fiber that our small teeth and weak jaws and digestive system are not equipped to handle. All vegetables can not be consumed raw. It is found from researches, cooked carrots, spinach, mashroom, asparagus, cabbage, pepper and many more other vegetables supply more antioxidants than they do when raw..
@babes295 (107)
• Philippines
4 Nov 11
Actually, both cooked and raw veggies have their own advantage. In some ways, cooked foods like vegetables is more invigorating. For instance, think how a cooked potato informs more potent compared to raw ones. But eating uncooked celery provides a different types of power compared to cooked ones.
@ckyera (17261)
• Philippines
24 Aug 11
Eating raw vegetables is better coz you can get more nutrients from it, cooking them might lose some nutrients. Just remember to wash the veggies well before taking them raw. But there are also some veggies that should be cooked before eating, and it will be better to be half cooked. That's what the herbalist that I talked with told me before.
@salonga (27957)
• Philippines
17 Aug 11
Fresh Veggies - Veggies and Dip
The nutrients in veggies can be easily destroyed by cooking so we have to be careful not to overcook lest we get no nutrients at all. This is the reason why I prefer eating raw vegetables. It does not only saves me some gas or electricity but it saves the nutrients in my veggies. I love eating cubes, slices or strips of fresh veggies especially if I have a real tasty but healthy dip.
@popetko (10)
• Philippines
25 Jul 11
in general taking cooked vegetable is more safe than eating raw vegetable because by cooking the vegetable means most of the ovas or eggs of some parasites embedded in the vegetable are cooked to oblivion decreasing the risk of having parasitic infestation especially in the stomach.
@youless (93111)
• Guangzhou, China
1 Jul 11
Here we don't get used to eat the raw vegetables. We will cook the vegetables by frying or boiling. We won't eat it raw. Whereas it is quite common for the westerns to eat raw vegetables. This is the culture difference. I love China
@bouncybug (615)
• South Africa
30 Jun 11
Raw vegetables are definitely the healthier option. You might be surprised actually by how good raw vegetables can actually taste. Carrots, tomatoes, and beans all taste good raw, and you should try putting small pieces of raw broccoli in salads - its actually surprisingly tasty and really healthy as well.
@RitterSport (2452)
• Lippstadt, Germany
30 Jun 11
some veggies like beans and potatoes cant be eaten raw at all and need to be cooked. With others it depends on the veggie. Like the vitamins in carrots can best be released with a bit of fat,mainly the vitamin A so I cook them. Also I didnt know for a long time there are special ingredients in tomatoes, called lycopenes, which are only active when tomatoes are cooked.
• Denmark
30 Jun 11
It is raw veggies my dear. Some vitamins and alive enzymes that gives us nutrients are burned or shall I say gone when they are cooked. Even in a small amount of heat, some of it may gone. So raw veggies is far more better than cooked. Your right about your dilemma, coz sometimes raw veggies can acquire bacteria and germs that you cannot rid by simply rinsing but it is very rare. Markets are given warning if it happens :) Veggies for a better life! Cheers!