How did you schedule things when you nursing your child/ren?

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June 30, 2011 12:12pm CST
Looking for some more insight into nursing. There are varying degrees of what a person feels comfortable doing when it comes nursing.Also with regard to how others feel around you. Did you nursing in public? How did you schedule or get other things done like errand,etc while nursing? What was your nursing like?
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1 Jul 11
I found that nursing my child was very easy. I had other experiences with my other children, but one was a pure joy. I fed him whenever and wherever. I was even able to walk around the supermarket feeding him and my partner didn't even realise, he just asked me why I was choosing to carry him rather than use the pushchair! Done correctly there is no boob exposed to the world, it is discreet and the most natural thing in the world.
@AishaBR (345)
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30 Jun 11
At first it is hard but then it becomes easy. I never nursed in public yet but if I had I would. If I knew like a day before that I had to go and do things the next day I would pump for the next day. This makes it very easy rater than having to pull out a nursing cover. Just pull out his bottle with the milk already in it and feed him on the go. It's super easy at night too well if you are willing to let your baby sleep in the bed with you. my baby is two months and I let him sleep in the bed just because its so much easier at night time. When he is hungry I just have too roll over and put him on then he will fall back to sleep by himself if he doesn't need a diaper change. I love to nurse much easier and better than formula.