INTROVERT character is not useful now a days..what do you say?

@umadper (947)
July 2, 2011 11:51pm CST
I prefer EXTROVERT behaveour which is suitable for the existing society..otherwise people may play with us..what do you say?
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@theknute (183)
3 Jul 11
I am a bit of an Extrovert and I do prefer being around other extroverted, outgoing people. Introverted people are still quite useful. They do balance out us extroverts quite nicely.
@umadper (947)
• India
3 Jul 11
hi,the,thank you for your response and yes..sometimes introverts also find good time especially when situation is in tense/hard...all the best and have a nice time.
@bird123 (10486)
• United States
3 Jul 11
This world takes all kinds. I think there are many times introverts are useful. I know they are not as pushy as extroverts. I like that! All in all, I think diversity in this world makes life grand. Please let's don't make this a cookie-cutter world.
@anklesmash (1417)
3 Jul 11
It can be quite difficult for introvertered people to be as succesfull as extroverts due to the fact that it is as much who you know as what you know especially in modern business where it is important to make contacts.This is harder for introverts as they are less confident around new people and less likely to stand out from the crowd as the extroverts are usually the center of attention and so are remembered by the people who may require someone for a business oppurtunity in the future over a less memorable introvert.