A lot of people still smoke.

July 3, 2011 9:47am CST
Good day Fellow Mylotters, I really do hate people who smoke that are not really cautious. Wherein, they dont care anymore where to throw the cigarette butts. We were walking on the parking lot of the mall then, when a group of teenager incidentally thrown the butts. We are somehow astonished to that situation although they dont have any intention to throw it over to us, the matter is, they must not do that. Hence, as far as I know, they are implementing a more strict rules in using cigarettes. As this cannot be done anywhere in public places. As there are only few designated place wherein they can smoke. With regards to the above, I am just wondering, inspite of many reprimands and reminders, still a lot of people still do smoke. I know it is quite hard to make a sudden stop in smoking but, as I observed, the more you reminded them to stop, the more they will be curious to continue.
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@asliah (11148)
• Philippines
4 Sep 11
hi, i am of those people who really hate smoker,i really hate when i smell smokes from chain smokers,and they are scattered in many places,so when one of my friends that smoke i tell to them to go a distance from me when they smoke,because its more dangerous to the health of a person who secondarily smell the smokes rather than the smoker.
@sid556 (31005)
• United States
27 Aug 11
Hi Airasheila, I am a smoker and people that get after me not to smoke only accomplish irritating me, truthfully. They do NOTHING in the way of inspiring me to quit. It is a hard thing to do and is a personal quest. The ones that inspire me are the ones who have been down this road and have successfully quit. Someone that constantly reminds me to quit and especially someone who has never been a smoker, well, I might go along with it but trust me...you wouldn't get me considering. As for the people that throw their butts on the ground, that is something that you should confront them about. It is wrong and if they are caught doing it, I believe there is a pretty hefty fine in most places. It is littering just as much as if they threw a candy wrapper down. Even in areas that are designated to smoke in, it is wrong to throw the butts on the ground.
@vivamir (673)
9 Jul 11
Im a smoker, in the process of quitting..I think the kind of smokers you have highlighted above are simply ignorant individuals... If you have just eaten a packet of crisps for example..do you throw it on the floor (or unintentionally towards someone)- some may..but you understand my point! Its a choice whether YOU smoke or not, I dont feel any joy from making others uncomfortable by my habits- and vice versa.. but like I said some people especially the younger ones..are just plain ignorant!
@anil02 (2968)
• India
5 Jul 11
I hate person who use tabbcco in any way. But smoking is worst way of using tabacco. Although we don't smoke but we are suffering from the bad effects of it due to passive smoking. It is almost impossible to stop people from smoking on public places. The person who have duty to stop it is also smoker. Than how can they stop others.
@mohdromly (165)
• Malaysia
4 Jul 11
Hello airasheila, In my opinion,people still smoke until their body get cancer and then they start to blame other people and themselves because of what happen to them.So,if you have try your best,then give all to the god 's hand for to manage this things.We all are ordinary human,do what you can do and forgive your self for uncapablities to control the situation
4 Jul 11
well, my father smokes since his teen years up until now.. and we hated it! Us, his children are passive smokers since we were really little coz my dad is not the only 1 who smokes in our family. My Grandparents are smokers too. Good thing me and siblings don't smoke.
@nurseclare (2210)
• Philippines
4 Jul 11
I feel the same way, I really hate smokers. i just feel pity about them for they don't care about what it does to their lungs. Bad one! i just hope all smokers will realize that it doesn't bring any goodness to them. but the nicotine won't stop them, the nicotine causes addiction and once they've started it many times they can't stop it by themselves. they need a medical assistance and rehabilitation and just thinking how expensive it is. I think lots of smokers can't afford it.Well, all I can say is goodbye soon to their god health.
@dismalgrin (2470)
• United States
4 Jul 11
I think it is wrong to throw blanket statements on smokers. I am a smoker. But I did not start until I was 21. I quite smoking when I was pregnant, though I started up again after. When the children were very young I would smoke under the exhaust fan in my kitchen so as not to harm the kids. I am very careful with my butts and I would never throw one on the ground. The most I have done as far as that goes is to squeeze the cherry off the end and stomp it out and pocket the butt for proper disposal later. I think it is wrong to become mad at all smokers when some of us are very conscientious about who we are smoking around and keeping our environment clean. I don't force none smokers to breath in my second hand smoke either. I started late because I was very stressed and did not have proper medication for my mental illness. As I got addicted to it my doctor told me it would not be a good idea for me to quit as it could cause my mind to have more problems since it is not stabilized yet. No, it is not good for my health to smoke, but it is good for my mind right now and I'm very careful not to bring harm to others who do not wish to be exposed to my smoke.
@ddaguno (3110)
• Philippines
4 Jul 11
I smoked for more than 7 years, not heavily but regularly. approx 3-5 sticks per day. i had smokers cough all the time and found it hard to sing but it was hard to stop because it was my stress reliever. I have stopped for 2 years now but I still smoke a stick or two when I attend parties which is not often. When I have loads of thing to do, I still crave for a stick but controlling my craving is a lot easier now that i dont smoke regularly. what's bad about smoking is that it has addictive components. so if you dont know how to smoke it is better not to start
• Philippines
4 Jul 11
I hate it when smokers do it when they know that that the toxic smoke is heading towards somebody else.I hate the fact that I avoid smoking to take care of my body and other people would just let me inhale their blown toxic smoke and let me suffer the effects of a second hand smoke which is even worst.
@megamatt (14327)
• United States
3 Jul 11
Sadly here is the thing about smoking. It is highly addictive and most people start younger. For many reasons, perhaps they think it is cool. Perhaps they are pressured into doing it by friends. Perhaps they are just feeling rather stressful in a number of ways and would really like to burn through some amount of things. Whether that is the case or not, it is still bad but once you get in so far, its not as easy to get out. I know people who have want to quit. Now granted, some of them are not even making the slightest attempts of really trying. Still there are times where they are paying for stupidly starting a habit when they were young and they are really paying for it when they get older. There are going to be people who are going to start habits, despite all we know about the consequences for a variety of reasons. And then they were continue. It is a harsh reality.