Qualities of a good speaker

July 4, 2011 12:00pm CST
I'm not a good speaker. I'm improving it. But I don't the basic key points that i should keep in mind while speaking. Please help me to improve myself.
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@bird123 (10518)
• United States
4 Jul 11
People are empathic. One of the most important things a speaker can do is be very relaxed and calm. Let it come out in your voice. Most tell a joke to break the ice. Make the speech as interesting as possible. There is nothing worse than a long drawn out boring speech. Brief and too the point works great, however you don't want the speech be too quick either. Remember, practice makes perfect. Get feedback and do it a lot. You will be a pro before you know it.
• India
5 Jul 11
When i listen the speeches of the great personalities I feel very encourageous & when i address people or even my friends they feel like boring while i am speaking. I want to speak good as i can but can't get a way through it.
4 Jul 11
Talking to others sometimes can be a problem. I used to have it too then someone gave me an idea might help you out too. Before just to talk to anyone i used to feel lil scared and end up not doing anything at all. Other times just made a fool of myself. Trick is in just practise suppose you not comfortable talking to strangers. Just go for a stroll maybe and sit at a bus stop or place you feel good at. Many people would be walking near you. You can start talking to em maybe by just asking the time or maybe something small. Helped me mate hope it helps you :)
• India
5 Jul 11
Yeah i can interact the stranger people without any problem. Problem starts when I have to address someone.
• Philippines
7 Jul 11
A good speaker should appear confident in front of the audience. He should sound confident, as well as look confident as well. You should also look presentable in the eyes of the crowd because no one is going to listen to someone who looks like he just got right off bed.