Beware of Lavender!

United States
July 5, 2011 12:05am CST
I never thought lavender could do this to my child. lavender, the ingredient that has so many uses. It makes your skin smooth and you heal faster, it calms you down after a long day, it helps you to fall asleep..... and it can also cause a rash over your entire body. That's what happened to my son, 20 months old. Walmart was out of regular baby wash, so I got the one with lavender. That was 2 days ago. Day 1, my son woke up with a red rash around his mouth. I thought it was because he was teething because he has 3 back teeth coming in. So I put some cream on it and I thought that was it. He acted normal all day, playing outside and everything. He got his bath when I noticed more bumps on his legs. Now he is allergic to something in our grass, but we keep it sprayed and he is okay. But it had rained for a few days and I hadn't sprayed again yet,so that's what I thought it was. This morning he had bumps everywhere. Head to toe covered in them. So I cover him in my rash cream and since its indepence day, we will wait until tomorrow to take him in to the doctor. Now I don't think its the grass anymore. Plus it doesn't look at all like the grass rash. But he acts fine and we had people coming over for a barbecue and we can't just let him stay inside all day. So we cover him in sunblock and let him play outside. And a couple hours later I notice the rash is darker, and he is sunburnt in quite a few places. I bring him in to give him a bath when I realize its probably his baby wash. That's the only thing that has changed. So I look it up and find this site come to find out, lavender can cause skin rashes, it can make you extremely sensitive to sunlight, and worse of all, its toxic. You can die from this stuff! And its in most of the baby products. I'm here to warn all parents to at least test this product before you use it. Or better yet, don't use it at all, as it is potentially toxic.
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• Philippines
5 Jul 11
Wow, I never knew that lavender could be dangerous to our health. Thanks for this and the information you provided. I have a daughter and would not want to expose her to things that would irritate or give her allergies. And to think some baby products contain stuff like lavender, which could actually be dangerous for her. Thanks again for the warning!
• United States
5 Jul 11
That is sweet of you to warn people. I mop my floors with lavendar cleaner too. I will be sure not to put m hands in the water. I love how it makes the house smell.