What will be the future of our nation?

United States
July 5, 2011 8:36pm CST
As you might know, our nation, the United States of America is indebted, deeply in debt for the next decades. I don't know how we gonna solve this deficit problem on hand, and how we going to be compete with other nations who will be up rising compete with our dominant status in the world. Also as our politician promise us about the medicare, new health policy for every citizens of U.S.A, that might not be happen. As I can see from now, we either raise tax on our citizens, or we have to cut our spending, which also involved those politicians promises, as new reform on healthcare system, and other benefits. To cut spending, would it be the effective way to reduce the deficit number?
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@kafroc (1)
7 Jul 11
As long as you live in U.S.A. you have nothing to fear even the debts that your goverment has it's to China.Also have in mind that U.S.A. it's such a huge nation/country that it has the option to say i am not paying the debts,who will go againist U.S.A. few can...(Have in mind that i live in Athens/Greece and i really know what is a country to have debts)
• Malaysia
6 Jul 11
I'm not much about politics, and I think is not only US is indebt but most of the country. I feel the rich is richer but the poor is poorer. We need to pay for using the highway, corruption, high taxes, high medical charges, petrol prices keep on rising are also happening here in Malaysia. There'll be a rally on 9 July by the opposition party demanding for changes.(Wikipedia - Bersih 2.0 Rally) for further information if you are interest to know more. I'm not sure what will be the outcome and the future of my country ???
@matersfish (6311)
• United States
6 Jul 11
As far as out debt goes, we're heading down the same road Greece once traveled. We put more importance on public service work than we do on the private sector. This means the everyday Joe and Jane taxpayers are giving more and more of their money not for roads and bridges and schools but for inflated salaries and benefit packages. Not that public service isn't important. Don't get me wrong. But it is fed wholly by private industry. It cannot be held above what allows it to exist. This is damaging many states and has almost killed education completely. And let's not even get started on government's "answer" to education, wanting to dump more money into K-12 and completely subsidize college education. The more money they spend, the more money they waste. The more money they put up for college tuitions, the higher colleges raise their rates. And this isn't even addressing entitlement spending. Medicare/aid is a poorly mishandled hoax. Our welfare system is a sham. The federal government stepping over the states does more than enable fraud and waste; it encourages it. Socially, well, we're heading toward Canada. There are college campuses in the nation where you cannot say "boyfriend" or "girlfriend," because those terms are supposedly offensive! Pretty soon, we will be prosecuting those who "offend" someone else, like they do in Canada when you publish news about the Mulsim prophet's cartoon but ignore it completely when Jesus is insulted. (And I don't have a dog in the fight; I'm not religious. It's clear, however, how we're trending in the direction of cowardice to create a fake peace.) Our mainstream media is already as crooked as a question mark. There's only one group of people for whom nothing is offensive - freedom of speech works only if you say whatever you want against the class considered enemies of America. We need to straigten ourselves out. We're not a small, cold country of 20 million or a collection of cultures that reaches about 50. We're a gargantuan land made up of every concievable culture, well over 300 million strong. We must cut spending as opposed to allowing the federal government to spend more. And we must allow people to keep all their freedoms.
@bobmnu (8160)
• United States
6 Jul 11
What we should do is cut spending. This should be done by having each department go through an independent audit and then appear before congress to explain how they have accomplished their objectives and show where they are Constitutionally justified. Education is a state issue not a federal issue and we do not need the Department of Education. The Department of Energy was set up to make us less dependent on foreign energy. Now we are more dependent on foreign energy and this we do not need. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) created some of the largest slums in this country with their Project Design (putting all the poor people in large Apartment Complexes housing hundreds or thousands of people in a few blocks) for housing. Fanny and Freddie have assumed more bad debt and said the government will pay if the people default. These agencies should be held accountable for the billions they have wasted and not done anything to acheive their objectives or their mission. They should prove they are worth the investment or be eliminated.
@minimoyz (277)
• Philippines
6 Jul 11
I don't know about that, but maybe the president is to blame. Oil has gone up 13 cents again. What will happen to car owners that can't afford to buy gas? The government should have spend billion of dollars on health, education, etc. instead on spending them on weapons and sending men to kill men in the middle east. F*ck the government, f*ck the system!