Metal pieces of Jewelry: How Hard do you think they Are to Make?

United States
July 7, 2011 8:31pm CST
I've seen some jewelry that is so pretty and some how they create these beautiful pieces of art out of metal. They bend them and hammer them and poof a wearable attractive piece of jewelry. I've been curious about it ever since I've seen it but honestly I have no idea how to start this process or to find a site on it. Not even sure what it'd technically be called. I would assume you'd need a torch and soldering tool maybe. But honest kind of in left field on this one. Anybody have any ideas? Or if you have worked on it is it Difficult or easy to learn and any great sites?
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@SomeCowgirl (32270)
• United States
11 Jul 11
Sorry I don't have any of those things. I knew someone who makes jewelry but didn't use metal. I know what he did use which was a stone and metal wire, and that was a bit hard to do it seemed. I think it's probably time consuming first off, and then second off very difficult because a bang here and a bang there won't make it look pretty. I would bet one must strategise wher to bang it so that it looks the most attractive.
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12 Jul 11
@jillhill (37383)
• United States
14 Jul 11
I am not into jewelry making but I have seen what you are talking about at craft sales....I am not sure how hard it would be to learn...but I think it might be a bit over the top for me....pounding it out etc...good luck though! Hope you find what you are looking for somewhere on the web!