succumb to a small

@advokatku (4037)
July 9, 2011 10:07pm CST
since childhood age, we are always taught by parents to be succumb and can to take side with the smaller, though the smaller which guilty ..... For example, succumb to our little brother, despite in the fact that our little brother who made ??a mistake or actually we are injured by his act or who become victims because our little brother actions. That's good and that's trait that is often taught by most parents around the world. No wonder, in real life many of us are wrong to "succumb" in incident's like this : 1) Collisions between pedestrians with cyclists. Most people will blame the cyclist. In their logic, bike riders should more succumb for sake of pedestrians. That's true ? ok ... we assume, correctly ... but how if the pedestrians in violation of the bike path? 2) The collision between a bicycle with a motor. Most public will be blame the motor cyclist. 3) collision between a motorcycle with car. Most people will blame the car. If the biker until dead, the driver will be attacked by crowd and his car will be destroyed and then burned until run out. 4) collision between a car vs. railway. Which blamed ? absolutely which blamed is ... the railway 5) Train vs. aircraft = write error (very unlikely ...) But strangely, in the event of a collision between aircraft flying with the birds, why blamed is the bird?
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@bouncybug (615)
• South Africa
10 Jul 11
I don't believe that you should succomb to something just because it is smaller - I don't think that size necessarily always correlates to strength and in any case, I don'r see why you should succomb to something just because they are not as strong as you are. It is a really interesting point that you put up - how can aeroplanes blame birds when there are collisions? It is the birds that belong up there in the sky, and we are only trespassing!
@Adoniah (7515)
• United States
10 Jul 11
I understand the desire to always blame the stronger vehicle in an accident...I do find it a bit bizarre to burn the car when it is involved in an accident. Here in the States it is invariably the cars fault if it is hit by a train because we have protective gates and warning lights and bells. If you get hit, it is because you are foolishly trying to beat the train. The reason birds get the blame is because the large plane cannot see them in time and cannot swerve to get out of their way even if they do see them...A logical reason even if not sufficient to animal lovers.
@sjvg1976 (18407)
• Delhi, India
10 Jul 11
Hello advokatku, Yes this is true that bird is always blamed in the event of a collision between aircraft flying with the birds because we human beings are so selfish that we don't think of any species of animals they are like animals & remain animals for us.But to think this way is wrong because GOD has not created this earth for human beings only other creatures have also the equal right as us on earth.We know birds fly in sky or rest on trees but what man do in sky so i firmly believe as its not the bird but we made an accident and killed bird. But on contrary if we see the practical side for us life of human beings is more important than a bird therefore we always blame bird for it and think whole earth is ours and whoever troubles us is guilty.
@Hatley (164484)
• Garden Grove, California
10 Jul 11
hi advokatku yes and I think a lot of times that is all wrong,it is hooey as a little brat is still a little brat even if the brat kicked his big sister in t he shins. Parents should not punish the one kicked b ut the brat w ho did the kicking. as for these other ideas, it depends on who has the right of way , who is to blame for the accident and in the case of the birds and the airplane airplanes came after the birds wo should be built so that flying birds cannot be sucked into the engines like they have been.but the word succumb bothers me in that all children young and old should be taught right from wrong and not excused because of age as really awful brats are raised by parents who forgive all on account of age. that is wrong. they should be punished not beaten but given time outs and losing priveleges too.