the pain that solitude brings

July 10, 2011 10:41pm CST
hey mylotters, good day to all of you. its been quite some time since i las wrote a discussion here and its nice to be back i am a naruto fan, and the last episode that i've seen is about the high level shinobi where i quoted this one: "the pain that solitude brings". base on the story of naruto, sasuke really hates their village because of what he believed the hidden leaf village done to his brother and so he always insist that naruto can't understand what he is feeling. how about you? have you felt the same thing in some part of your life? have you lost a parent/parents or siblings for you to feel the same thing?
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• Canada
12 Jul 11
I wish Sasuke would stop acting so silly and just go back to the Leaf. But anyways no, I never felt like this. I still have a full family so I don't feel very alone at all. Though watching Naruto I actually started understanding what solitude is like. The show does a good job of recreating feelings and that's hard work.
• Philippines
13 Jul 11
yup yup yup, the story is really really nice :) thank you for your response. have a good day
• United States
11 Jul 11
Sasuke fails to see Naruto's pain as an outsider as well. Naruto grew up very much alone, even feared and hated by otherwise rational members of the village, so he knows very well what Sasuke is going through. Sasuke just won't admit (yet) that there is any connection between them. I think all of us must have some knowledge of this tyoe of pain. It doesn't dominate my life, but I remember feeling isolated growing up on a farm. I eventually folded it into what I am, a little bit of a rebel, just outside of normal society and not part of any groups. Many people take that pain of solitude and squash it with teams, clubs or fraternities that they join, others wallow in it and become bitter loners. I'm much closer to the bitter loners!
• Philippines
13 Jul 11
good for you, actually to all of us who did not suffer with such loneliness. i hope others would also realize the good side of such experience. thanks for your response. have a nice day!!