How to make an awesome fries

@resutaa (144)
July 11, 2011 4:52am CST
McDonalds fries is indeed iconic as the most delicious fries on earth. I'm even an addict to this food habit. I just wonder how they do make this fries so tasty? I have read that saying McDonalds used beef stock to make the fries tasty that makes the vegetarian people who eat mcdonalds fries got worried and angry. But still I dont believe it would be just the stock because I want to make myself at home.
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@najibdina29 (1309)
• Indonesia
20 Jul 11
If you want a crispy French fries, of course choose the potato water content is small (such as the potato pieces are sold in the form of a finger). But the presentation must be hot, and soon after appointed. Because the water content is less, so harsh potatoes when cool. If you want plain fries, for example to a friend eating steak, choose regular potatoes or small potatoes. Potatoes should be peeled and soaked in water that has been spiked with salt. Once fried until brown, you can menumisnya in butter and garlic
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28 Jul 17
Yeah but for making more crunchy they apply any kind of chemical stuff i donno its name but they apply there for potato remain as crunchy.
@owlwings (39768)
• Cambridge, England
11 Jul 11
I have no doubt that what they do to the fries before they go into the frier is part of the 'McDonald's Secret' but I suspect that a careful choice of the potato variety and good control of the oil temperature (which involves a large proportion of oil in relation to the cold food going in and excellent thermostats) are a very large factor. If you want to make your fries tastier (without using beef stock), you could experiment with marinading or coating them beforehand with a number of things like soy sauce, fenugreek, cumin, turmeric, pepper, gram flour or anything else which seems suitable and savoury and which will not burn when exposed to hot fat. I suspect that part of the McDonald's secret may be to actually cook the fries twice: once at quite a low temperature so that they cook but don't brown. After this they will likely be frozen before shipping to the individual restaurants and then just given a final cook at a high temperature before serving.
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28 Jul 17
Yeah mat be you are saying true that they cook twice but its not only the secret because they also apply some kinda chemicals.
@Adam211 (38)
28 Jul 17
Yeah they make the fries very tasty and just because it is so tasty there is the reason that they have experience of many year and you can also make it tasty like them but you have to give your so much time.
@jingqian (28)
• Malaysia
21 Jul 11
Hi there, i have no idea on how McDonalds can make such tasty french fries. Anyway, my mum can actually produce delicious french fries. Sorry to say, I have no idea on she does it. I think maybe due to the temperature?? Hehe, we are not chef here. So, maybe we should just drop by to those restaurant and just enjoy eating the mouth-watering french fries. Haha Quite some crap above there. Anyway, I LOVE FRENCH FRIES!!!! :P