Is it just me?

July 11, 2011 11:45am CST
Hi everyone for sometime now i have experienced a connection, in not so many words when i hear the wind, the rain, the sea, It takes my mind else where and its really hard to explain.. I askes a friend recently "What does the rain do to you" she said gets my hair wet, so i know there must be someone out there that like me can get spiriually connected...
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• Philippines
11 Jul 11
Is it like your attributing these things to the one who created everything? That God as the sovereign ruler and maker needs to be complimented and be praised for what He has done.I certainly magnified and praise Him for the nature and every detailed things I see. It makes me live for a reason that there is purpose for everything.
12 Jul 11
There is a purpose for everything, like there is a reason for everything, my thoughts on many things go so much deeper. I do believe that there is a supreme being above all of us, and i do believe that this life is a teaching platform, where we all must learn by our mistakes. But some people would disagree and i respect there opinion, but to tell me its all these chemicals going off in your head is wrong.. I know what and how i feel when it comes to feeling this way when i hear the sounds of this wonderful planet we live on, and no one can take that from me..
@bouncybug (615)
• South Africa
11 Jul 11
I also feel some kind of deeper connection when I am around water - for me, it is especially when I am sitting on a beach watching the waves. Waves for some reason get me thinking about all these deep issues or philosophical thoughts - its strange what can invoke these deep feelings within us!
12 Jul 11
I feel the same way, i love hearing the waves crashing agaisnt the sure, and when its night time and all the sky is lit up with stars makes the experience more over whelming.. What and how do i feel, well when i am at the beach everybody who is not here on this planet no more are with me, the love that generates threw me is unbelievable. As the late MJ would of said "You are not Alone" You do think about other stuff and deeper issues but someone seems to take that burden away from you, even if it is just for a little while...
@dlpierce (489)
• United States
11 Jul 11
Inspiration can come from many things. If you are a poet or a writer you can benefit well by these thoughts. A gentle rain can be a very relaxing sound. Guess that's why it's perfect sleeping weather.
12 Jul 11
I love writing poems, I have wrote a few myself. and yes it is great sleeping weather. People say i have a talent in writing poems, just don't no where to start in getting them noticed. well anyway here in the uk it rains most of the time so i should be in my element.