dreaming of waking up

@surfer222 (1715)
July 12, 2011 11:54am CST
did you ever had a dream then in that dream you aware that you're in a dream, then you wake up and you think that you're awake but it turns up that you waking up is still a dream?
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@cindy12 (88)
• China
20 Aug 11
I had such dreamed before.I am sleeping but I need to wake up.Strangely is that cannot open my eyes.I am so s;eep.I walk with closed eyes.I donot know where I am going?I am anxious and I want to open my eyes. I have such dreams many times.I donot know what it means.
• Kiryat Ata, Israel
3 Oct 11
That's a different thing , it is called sleeping paralysis. In those dreams I can't get up and barely see things , my hands are gone , I can move them but can't see them. I had a dream inside a dream and it was nice to have that. In the main dream I was sleeping and had a dream about 2 girls from my classroom , they talked with me. then I woke up , told my brother about my dream and he knew what I dream. Then dady comes home , give us candies , my sister gets something and I run after her , asking her to give me what she got...
• United States
20 Aug 11
Yup. They actually have a name... they're called "False Awakenings", and they're pretty common. At least, for me they are. I have one almost every week. I'm not entirely sure what causes them, though lucid dreaming (being aware that you're dreaming) does seem to generate more of them. The weirdest false awakening I ever had was one where I got up, went to the bathroom, and decided that the toilet needed cleaning. So I got a toilet brush and I scrubbed and I scrubbed and it only seemed to be getting worse. Finally I realized that I just wasn't awake. lol
@Porcospino (18746)
• Denmark
21 Jul 11
In the past I sometimes had a dream in a dream, but I haven't had that kind of dreams recently. I especially remember one dream that I had. I dreamed that I woke up and discovered that I had overslept and that I had missed an important exam. I was very angry at myself I knew that I was in trouble, because I had missed that exam. I thought that the exam was real and that I was awake, but I was still dreaming. Then I woke up (still in my dream) and I discovered that I didn't oversleep and that I wasn't going to miss my exam anyway. I was happy and I thought that I was awake and that the exam was real. Then I woke up (this time I really woke up) and I discovered that there was no exam.