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July 13, 2011 8:28am CST
If a guy kept telling me "I miss you" and wrote "hugs and smiles" every time he texted me, But he never said anything like "I like you" or "will you be my girlfriend?" We have been doing this for almost three months, we texted and emailed each other almost every day, sometimes called. We are based in two different cities in China. Last weekend, he came to my city and I took him to some places, still nothing happened. He didn't say anything about our relationship, but I could feel something between us. He didn't even take my hand. I told him "thank you for coming to see me", but he said, he just wanted to get out of his city a little bit. Now I think I'm in a weird situation, should I tell him I like him and wants to start a relationship with him or should I wait? We've been knowing each other for 14 months, and I talked to him on skype on all work days. I don't think I could wait any longer, so fruatrated. Maybe he has just lost interest in me? What should I do?
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@obe212003 (2302)
• Philippines
13 Jul 11
sometimes words are hard to find to say how we feel and yet mere actions would somehow express the most intimate feelings. in your case, mutual understanding would be just enough with the calls, text, e-mail, etc. and just let it flow, i mean just continue what you have, and hopefully the right time, right place would come for his proposal.
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• Canada
13 Jul 11
Well, saying "I miss you" or sending along hugs and smiles certainly indicates that you and he have a good friendship If you chat daily and you spend time together in person, that's a very nice thing! You say that you "feel something between" you... but you aren't sure. The only thing you can do now is to be honest about your feelings. You shouldn't hesitate if you've known each other for 14 months. With that amount of time, I'm sure you are very comfortable talking to him, yes? Why don't you open the door to have the conversation about whether or not this will develop into a love relationship as opposed to a friendship? Perhaps you could start by telling him how much fun you have with him, how you like spending time together, etc... and then ask him if he sees your friendship developing into something more. If he says no or hesitates or doesn't give you an answer, perhaps you're not on the same page... or he might just need time to digest how you feel, too I wish you good luck... if you like him very much, it's worth taking the plunge