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July 16, 2011 11:23am CST
Friends, my mother was went to my my brother's home(Hyderabad city, which is 80km from my small village). Actually she went on my brother's request that my brother's son Abhinav(2years old) boy is asking about her daily. So she went to see him. My sister family and my brother family is there in Hyderabad only. Here now i and my father are present. My father knows cooking very well(because his mother was died in his 3years of age, from that age he grown with many problems, so he learnt everything). I also know cooking very well. But i have college, my father have other works. So it is a problem to manage all the things. When my mother is there, she will manage all the things (restless, of course mothers are hard working persons). So we are really experiencing the absence of my mother... ooooooof, and yes, my mother came today evening. Its happy now.... Friends, have you ever experienced the absence of your mother? and to mothers: have you ever spent away from your family? How is your experience..? What ever is it, No body can replace the mother's role...
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• India
29 Oct 11
That is true. No one can manage a house like a lady.I had experienced numerous troubles when she is not around and you have the manage house on your own. The trivial things turn into huge tasks, even boiling of the milk, but she handles everything well.
@SViswan (12071)
• India
21 Jul 11
I am a mother now. So, this question needs to be asked to my kids. When I was growing up, around the age of 10, I had to stay with relatives...then later when my grandfather passed away, my mother went to her home and my father took care of my sister and me. Later I went off to hostel. I think I am used to not having my mother around to take care of my things. My kids are now 10 and 4 and I've not left them alone except once....2 years ago when I had to go to another state for 3 weeks to give my exams and do my practicals. At that time, my younger son was not yet 3 and my older son was almost 9. It was hard for me to leave but no other choice. Since my husband couldn't take care of them alone and he didn't know how to cook either,I asked my aunt to come and stay (my mother was in another country...she offered to come but I didn't want her to take the trouble). I know the kids missed me...especially the younger one...but he tried not to show it and even his teacher didn't realize that his silence was because he was upset.
• India
18 Jul 11
I agree no body can replace mother, my mother left for her home in heaven 30 years ago, but i still miss her, specially when there is some occassion and celebration in home.. my son is in hrderabad, he makes calls not only to me, but to his mother separately. have you marked one thing, some guys say, the wife is superior than mother.. thnxs for sharing the story.. Have a nice day ahead. Professor ‘@Bhuwan@’. .
@celticeagle (119870)
• Boise, Idaho
18 Jul 11
I spend some weekends on my own. I have trouble getting around due to osteoporosis and arthritis. My daughter usually cooks but when she is gone I go out to eat. This last week end something happened to my car so I couldn't go out as I usually do when my daughter isn't home. So I had cans of tuna fish and fruit.
• Philippines
16 Jul 11
I agree. No one can replace a mother's role in your life. A mother's role is one of the important things you have to cherish and respect. I've lost a father once and I felt the effect of it. It was pretty bad. I assume a mother's role would be much worse, if not the same.
• United States
16 Jul 11
Hi Remo Yes there is always a change in atmosphere when Mom is not at home. When my children come over to visit they know for sure they are going to get a very hot and nice cooked meal. I am glad your mother is now home and all will return to it normalcy. I also happy to hear that if ever there is an emergency that both you and your father can figure what to do, even though schedules are busy.